Faculty Liaison, Teaching, Learning and Technology

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Mariana Jardim liaison edited

Mariana Jardim


Mariana’s responsibilities include developing, delivering and assessing programming on academic and collaborative technologies, as well as conducting research on teaching-related issues.  She may be contacted by faculty and teaching assistants for consultations and feedback on technology-enhanced teaching strategies and best practices.   Mariana’s work is informed by her previous experience as an Instructional Technologist and Library Liaison, as well as years of secondary and post-secondary language teaching.  She has completed a Master of Arts in Hispanic Studies/Linguistics, a certificate in e-Learning, and is currently working on her Master of Information degree. Her professional areas of interest include online teaching and learning, classroom technologies, the use of social media in teaching, web design, accessibility, computer-assisted language learning and information literacy.



Michal (Mike) Kasprzak, PhD

Tel: (416) 946-4019

Mike is on secondment with CTSI/ACT, Support until January 2018 from his Curriculum Developer, TATP position.

As the Curriculum Developer at the Teaching Assistants’ Training Program (TATP), Mike provides pedagogical support to TAs and graduate student Course Instructors who want to integrate effective educational approaches into their teaching. He works with the team of TATP graduate student peer trainers to design, develop and assess curriculum and training materials for workshops and e-learning related to teaching at the University of Toronto. Mike is also responsible for helping TAs, course instructors and departments navigate the tutorial training requirements for TAs teaching in tutorial environments. Since obtaining his Ph.D. in History from the University of Toronto, he taught at Ryerson University, University of Toronto and the Pedagogical University of Cracow. He specializes in active learning, online instructional design and learning outcomes.



photo Diane Michaud

Diane Michaud
Tel: 416-978-6271

As a Faculty Liaison, Teaching Learning and Technology, Diane contributes to the development, delivery and assessment of programming and documentation related to academic and collaborative technologies, and conducts research on teaching and learning-related issues. She also provides support to faculty members who are successful in obtaining Instructional Technology Innovation Fund (ITIF) grants. She is available to instructors, faculty members, and teaching assistants to discuss the use of instructional technologies to enhance teaching and learning in their courses. Diane brings her experience and expertise in supporting teaching, accessible communication, designing learning objects within various learning management systems, and determining educational technology solutions to support pedagogical goals. Her background in education and years of experience as an academic librarian have shaped her evidence and outcome-based approach to instructional design. Her research interests include immersive virtual reality for learning and active learning in higher education.