Academic Technology

  • Academic Toolbox Renewal Initiative

    When you are thinking of using a new educational technology, do you askyourself, does the solution allow me (and my department) to take advantageof international standards for interoperability and integration, or is ita completely closed proprietary solution that can¹t connect to anythingelse in our Toolbox? When considering a new teaching tool, the tool should ideally […]

  • The Grade Center: Planning Ahead

    Saira Mall, Manager of ACT Support, CTSI Between course scheduling, assignment deadlines and mid-term exams, managing and entering grade data in the Portal’s Grade Center may be left to the last minute resulting in very late nights, usually just before grades are submitted. If you are using the Grade Center in your Portal course, my […]

  • Tales from the Grade Center

    November draws to a close; the snow settles gently outside.  “Has it really been three months since this madness began?” you wonder.  Favourite hot beverage in hand, the Grade Center slowly blinks into being on the screen. By now you are likely reviewing your grade center and finalizing marks, or are working to get your […]

  • Ramping up for the new school year

    Registration for this year’s Back-to-School Series is now open. A complete list of workshop titles and descriptions is available online. This year, we have a new featured event – a Teaching with Technology Fair on Wednesday, August 28th. This all-day event, hosted by CTSI and Academic & Collaborative Technologies (ACT), is an opportunity for the […]

  • Using Learning Portal Organizations to Inform and Train Library Staff

    by Susan Bond−Circulation Supervisor, John W. Graham Library, Trinity College At John W. Graham Library we started a Blackboard organization  in U of T’s Learning Portal to help manage student staff at our campus library two years ago. Here’s a look at how and why we found the organization tool to be an effective means […]

  • NMC Horizon Report

    by Ryan Green, Educational Technology Liaison, CTSI The NMC Horizon Report: 2012 Higher Education Edition came out a few weeks ago, and I thought it would be a good idea to put together a quick run down of what it contains. The New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative identify six technologies they see […]

  • From our Educational Technologoy Experts:

    From Ryan Green, Educational Technology Liaison, CTSI is a recently developed website that does just what its name implies; it allows anyone to record and distribute audio as an MP3.  What makes this tool interesting is that it is done entirely through your internet browser, and does away with the need to install any […]

  • CTSI: the view from the 7th floor

    With the start of the new year, we have settled in our new, albeit temporary, home. Our space on the 4th floor of Robarts is under renovation – our office has grown considerably over the last few years with the amalgamation of offices (Office of Teaching Advancement, Teaching Assistants’ Training Program and Resource Centre for […]

  • Podcasts for the Holiday (and any other) Season

    As we enter the final stretch for 2012—making our way through exam time, getting ready for the holidays (convincing ourselves that we will have a relaxing time with friends and family but knowing that holidays are often busier and more stressful than we like to admit)—we are setting our minds to pleasant distractions. We have […]

  • Caption This!

    Enter the 2011 Teaching & Learning Symposium Caption Contest for a chance to win a Dell Streak 7 Honeycomb Tablet. This year’s Teaching & Learning Symposium, co-hosted by the Office of the Vice-President and Provost and CTSI, will focus on the theme of Cultivating Teaching, Cultivating Learning. The interactive sessions, roundtable discussions and poster displays are […]

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