Course Evaluations

  • Further research on gender bias in course evaluation data

    In December 2016, CTSI posted an article to the CTSI website on “Examining Bias in Course Evaluations” by Assistant Director, Teaching Assessment Gregory Hum, PhD. As outlined in that post, this is a critically important issue and we are pleased the piece garnered a fair amount of interest. In continuing this discussion, we highlight a […]

  • The Many Benefits of Cultures of Feedback within the Classroom

    Have you ever noticed that the word feedback often gets a bad rap? Common nomenclature suggests that it is something that we should fear. We hear expressions like, “face the feedback!” and in our minds’ eyes we see images of a person walking off a plank into the angry waters of judgment and ridicule. Perhaps, […]

  • Setting the Tone NOW: Engaging Students in your Course Evaluations

    By Cherie Werhun, PhD, Teaching Assessment & Course Evaluation Coordinator, CTSI Let’s be honest: Course evaluations are the last thing on an instructor’s mind in early September. Rather, this is the time when last minute course reading selections are being made, TA assignments are being worked out, and drafts of multiple versions of a course […]