Open Doors on Teaching

Open Doors on Teaching is a unique mentorship program for University of Toronto faculty. Presented by the University of Toronto’s Teaching Academy and the Centre of Teaching Support & Innovation, Open Doors provides faculty with the opportunity to learn from the experience and expertise of their colleagues.

Members of the University of Toronto’s Teaching Academy, winners of the President’s Teaching Award, will welcome faculty into their classrooms for selected lectures (i.e. all participants in the Open Doors program must register for any lectures they wish to attend). Faculty can observe the Academy member teaching and then engage in a post-class discussion with the Academy member. This approach not only provides learning opportunities for faculty but also opens up the discussion on pedagogical topics that many faculty might not otherwise encounter.


Donald Boyes, Department of Geography

GGR272H1S Geographic Information and Mapping I (200-level Undergraduate course with ~130 students)

This course is online, so observers are welcome any time during the term. Observers will be added to the course and then may meet with Professor Boyes to discuss. Please contact Professor Boyes directly at 

Andrew Dicks, Department of Chemistry 

CHM 274H Introductory Organic Chemistry II (200-level undergraduate course with ~650 students) at the following times:

From Thursday, January 5th to Wednesday, February 1st: MWF 1-2 pm, MTR 4-5 pm, in Earth Sciences 1050.

Alison Gibbs, Department of Statistical Sciences 

STA490Y1Y Statistical Communication, Consultation, and Collaboration (Fourth Year Undergraduate Course with ~25 students)
T 10am – noon: October 13, November 3, January 5, January 19, March 16

Please contact CTSI to reserve a place in Professor Gibbs’ course (see below for details).

Diane Horton, Department of Computer Science

CSC343 Introduction to Databases(Undergraduate course with ~150 students per section)

Observers are welcome any dates in the first 6 weeks of term. The first 3 weeks are the best demonstration of Professor Horton’s favourite teaching style.

Please contact CTSI to reserve a place in Professor Horton’s course (see below for details).

Jonathan Rose, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

APS 105 Computer Fundamentals (First year engineering, ~ 100 students per section)

MWR 11am-12 noon in Mechanical Engineering Building, Room 254

M4-5pm, T 5-6pm, R 4-5pm Galbraith Building Room 244.

The week of February 27th will be course midterm, so observations are discouraged on this date.

Alissa Trotz, Caribbean Studies/Women & Gender Studies Institute 

WGS160Y Introduction to Women & Gender Studies (Undergraduate course with ~250 students)

Please contact CTSI to reserve a place in Professor Trotz’s course (see below for details).

Open Doors on Teaching is open to all University of Toronto instructors. To reserve a place in one of the classes listed above, or for more information on this initiative, please contact or 416-946-3325.