Engaging Students Online

There is no single technological solution that applies for every student, every course, or every instructor. Engaging of our students requires development of a range of approaches that link pedagogy, content and technology to structure appropriate strategies our learners. The resources linked below are provided as starting points for exploration of theory and practice in effective online teaching and learning.

Theory and Practice: The Big Picture
Learning from research and advice from leaders in the field.

Online Teaching: Example Activities
Ideas and examples from the field using a variety of tools and methods.

Spotlight: U of T Faculty Share Strategies
Examples of instructional strategies used by U of T Faculty to engage their students through online course activities.

Profiles in Innovation
Instructors and coordinators discuss innovative online projects at the University of Toronto.

Portal Information + Help:  Instructions on how to use Portal tools and other online tools as well as contact information for support.

Other Campus Help Contacts:  Listing of divisional instructional technology staff who may provide support for the Portal and other online tools.

CTSI Services: Instructors are welcome to contact CTSI for assistance with any of the following services related to online learning:

  • Portal (Blackboard) set-up and the use of tools
  • Advice on use of webinar software, Camtasia, Turnitin
  • Pedagogical considerations related to effective use of instructional technology
  • Advice regarding online assignment and assessment design
  • Information on relevant academic policies

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