Appendix A: Registering iClickers: Information for Instructors

If you plan to use iClickers, each student in your class will need to register their iClicker unit.  In order for their responses to be recorded in the iGrader application, they will need to associate their iClicker units with their UTORids, NOT with their student numbers.  The iClicker registration site ( asks students to register with their “Student ID.”  As a result, some students have been registering their iClickers to their student numbers, rather than their UTORids.

The best way to ensure that students register their iClickers promptly and correctly is to inform them directly about the registration process.

To this end, CTSI has created the following registration instruction sheet for students.  Please feel free to distribute these instructions to your students (on paper, on Blackboard, or through email) or to include the information on your course syllabus.  A single-sheet version of this document is available at

Please contact CTSI at or 416-946-3139 if you have any questions about iClicker registration or use.