Pedagogical and Technical Support

Instructors are welcome to contact the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation ( for additional pedagogical advice and support in relation to classroom response systems. You may also contact CTSI if you require technical support for iClickers.

The UTM Library offers consultation regarding best practices in the use of different technologies in the classroom and basic training for faculty and TAs on how to use the iClicker system: email and to arrange for an appointment. Cleo Boyd, Director of the Robert Gillespie Academic Skills Centre, provides pedagogical support regarding the construction of questions that are aligned with the course learning objectives: email Technical in-class support is provided by Classroom Technology support: email

The Centre for Teaching and Learning at UTSC offers consultation regarding best practices in the use of audience response system and can provide a base unit for use in the classroom. Email Brian Sutherland [] to arrange for a consultation/orientation to this technology.  For iClicker support at UTSC, please visit: