Outside the Classroom

  • Time management: it’s not just for students

    We often encourage our students to focus on good time management, but finding ways to keep our lives in balance is a challenge that doesn’t stop after our undergrad years, or even after classes end.  Even the Chronicle’s Profhacker look back at summer showed gratitude for all the gadgets and tricks that help make life […]

  • Spotlight on Students: Study Now, Succeed Later

    With August underway, you might think your students are focusing on enjoying those last precious days of summer vacation, but not everyone is waiting until September to think about studying – the folks at the Academic Success Centre  are only just getting started. Hosted in the Koffler Building at 214 College St. (just next to […]

  • The Books of August

    As summer winds down and many of us are preparing for the busy fall ahead, we are looking for reading suggestions for these last weeks of August. (Of course, I am in the midst of The Clash of Kings so that should keep me busy until September.) Summer never seems to live up to the […]

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