Student Faculty Interaction

  • Is Student Engagement Related to Disappointment, or Just a Misunderstanding?

    CTSI’s interest in student-faculty interaction stems from it’s significants as a benchmark of student engagement, in the NSSE, or National Survey of Student Engagement (affectionately known as “Nessie”). And, it’s not just for undergraduates. Two similar surveys also measure engagement from students before their first year of University (Before College Survey of Student Engagement, the […]

  • Upcoming at CTSI

    We are working on a new project with Student Life that will be launched at the end of January. We don’t want to give too much away – there’s something to be said about the element of surprise – but we thought we would offer a few hints. The first clue (if it isn’t already […]

  • Large Classroom Teaching: a new online resource from CTSI

    We’re excited to announce that our new online learning module on Large Classroom Teaching is now available. This has been a collaborative project between CTSI staff, Teaching Academy members (winners of the President’s Teaching Award) and Tyler Blacquiere, our work-study student. One of our goals in producing this module was to bring colleagues together via […]

  • Thinking Visually: Doodling, Concept Maps, and Notetaking

    As a student, were you one of those kids who doodled in the margins of your notebooks, or even on your desk (to the bane of janitorial staff everywhere)? Often thought to be something done to stave off boredom, doodling is something that, when channelled in the right direction, can lead to productive notetaking and […]

  • UpbeaT: Yes, learning can be fun!

    When was the last time you visited a farmer’s market? Or mixed up sugar with salt when you were baking a cake? Or made peanut butter from scratch? For one class at UofT, all these things have already been transformed into learning experiences. UofT Student Life blogger Erin, with UpbeaT, shows us a fun side […]

  • Spotlight on Students: Making Referrals

    During Orientation week, students are overwhelmed with information about the different offices, clubs and groups on campus that are here to offer support and resources for every aspect of their student lives.  What makes even more of a difference is if students continue to receive reminders about resources throughout the term.  A timely referral can […]

  • Naming names

    Believe it or not, most students attend courses in which the Professor or Teaching Assistant barely knows their faces, let alone their names. Yet, learning your pupils’ names or nicknames can be a terrific asset in your teaching year. As the Romans used to say: “nomen omen” (“the name is a sign” or, if you […]

  • Spotlight on Students: First in the Family

    Did you know that 1 in 5 students at U of T are the First in their Family to attend university? These students are children of parents who did not receive post-secondary education. Over the past year, programs on all three U of T campuses were created to mentor, advise, and support first-generation students during […]

  • Spotlight on Students: Re-thinking Office Hours

    Focus on Teaching: Re-thinking Office Hours In our Back to School workshops this week, we’ve been talking about ways to meet with your students. Office hours are the traditional method: setting aside a dedicated one or two hours at the same time every week for students to ask question in person. However, some faculty find […]

  • Time management: it’s not just for students

    We often encourage our students to focus on good time management, but finding ways to keep our lives in balance is a challenge that doesn’t stop after our undergrad years, or even after classes end.  Even the Chronicle’s Profhacker look back at summer showed gratitude for all the gadgets and tricks that help make life […]

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