Connecting with Others

The Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation is dedicated to the advancement of theScholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) at our institution. We welcome faculty, librarians and staff members interested in conducting research on their teaching to join our SoTL Network activities. In the past year, CTSI has presented:

SoTL Network Meetings: An opportunity for members of the U of T community to present a SoTL ‘work in progress’ to their peers to both highlight progress and to receive feedback from participants.

SoTL Journal Club: The club offers members of our teaching and learning community an opportunity to discuss within a multi-disciplinary group, a peer-reviewed article on pedagogical topics within higher education.

SoTL Workshops: Workshops focusing on the scholarship of teaching and learning are included in regular CTSI programming, e.g., SoTL Skills Development Workshop: Searching the Higher Education Literature.

WHAT IS SoTL? Learn more

By joining the SoTL listserv, you will receive information about upcoming meetings and workshops at CTSI, conference and publication opportunities and have the opportunity to connect with peers by posting SoTL-related questions and comments. To subscribe to the listserv please email

If you have any suggestions for future activities or events please contact Cora McCloy, Research Officer and Faculty Liaison, CTSI at

CTSI has compiled a list of SoTL RESOURCES (available to the University of Toronto community).