Survey Tools

Blackboard, also known as the Learning Portal, provides the ability to create and deploy anonymous Surveys to classes of students.  These surveys, which share many similarities with their sister tool Tests, allow for fairly easy development and delivery, with a large selection of possible question types.  Results are stored in the course’s Grade Center, available either as simple tabulated results or a download of the raw data.

The key differences between Blackboard Tests and Surveys are:

  • Surveys are anonymous
  • Questions on surveys cannot be assigned points
  • Instructors cannot give students feedback
  • Surveys cannot be graded

The creation process for both Tests and Surveys can be broken down into two parts; the development and then the deployment of the Test or Survey.  Development is done through Course Tools in the Course Control Panel, where the deployment of a Test or Survey is done in any Content Area available on the Course Menu.  The development process is concerned only with the creation of questions, their order, and in the case of Tests their value, whereas the deployment process provides control of access to the Test or Survey, how long students can take in completing the Test or Survey, and how the questions are presented, among a number of other options.

Additional information regarding setting up a Survey in Blackboard can be found at  If you have any questions about using the tools please direct them to

Create multiple choice tests that fit your needs using any word processor, printer, and paper. Using a scanner or multi-function printer, the completed test answer sheets are scanned into the software and graded. You may run reports with the built in analysis components and output results to an extensive variety of formats.

The Remark software license is free to departments – contact us at More information about Remark is available in our Educational Technology section.