Resources to Prepare for Course Design/Redesign

Resource articles for the 2015 Course Design/Redesign Institute:

  1. Dee Fink Course Design #42 (PDF)
    Article by Prof. Dee Fink outlining his course design model.
  2. Writing Learning Outcomes Using Bloom’s Taxonomy (PDF)
    Resource sheet outlining the distinction between broad course goals and student learning outcomes, as well as strategies for writing clear learning outcome statements.
  3. Educational Technologies (PDF)
    Information sheet explaining educational technologies supported at the University of Toronto.
  4. Library Resources (PDF)
    Information sheet that outlines the different resources available to faculty members through University of Toronto Libraries to help them plan and design their courses.
  5. Situation Factors Analysis and Reflection on Course Learning (PDF)
    A fillable PDF worksheet based on Dee Fink’s Situations Factors Analysis that helps instructors examine the context in which their course will function in order to better evaluate how the course meets the needs of students and other stakeholders (the department, the institution, the profession, the discipline, broader society, etc.).