Designs in Action

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We asked some of the CTSI COURSE DESIGN INSTITUTE participants to share their experiences in the Institute and how they have applied this knowledge to an upcoming course. Thank you to these instructors for sharing the instructional decisions they have made and we look forward to hearing more about the outcomes of their approaches to course design!


Photo: Johann Bayer

Johann Bayer, Physical and Environmental Sciences, UTSC

image: Vicki Zhang headshot

Vicki Zhang, Statistics and Actuarial Science

Colleen Dockstader, Department of Human Biology

Colleen Dockstader,
Department of Human Biology

Jayne Baker

Jayne Baker,
Sociology, UTM

M. Troberg

Michelle Troberg,
Department of English

Kimberley Widger

Kimberley Widger, RN, PhD,
Faculty of Nursing

Jayson Parker

Jayson Parker,
Department of Biology

Getulio Nogueice

Getulio Nogueira,
Faculty of Dentistry

Tanya Kirsch

Tanya Kirsch,
UTM Management 

Ariel Beaujot

Ariel Beaujot,
University of Wisconsin La Crosse

Don Boyes

Don Boyes,
Department of Geography