LCT-Clare Hasenkampf

View Videos by Clare Hasenkampf, Professor, Biological Sciences, UTSC


LCT-Garfield Gini-Newman

View Videos by Garfield Gini-Newman, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning


LCT-Steve Joordens

View Videos by Steve Joordens, Professor, Psychology, UTSC


LCT-Charly Bank

View Videos by Charly Bank, Senior Lecturer, Earth Sciences Department


LCT-Phil Anderson

View Videos by Phil Anderson, Professor, Electrical Engineering


LCT-Jason Bazylak

View Videos by Jason Bazylak, Lecturer, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering




iClickers at UofT
Developing Clicker Questions (Robert Brym)
Innovation Profile – Steve Joordens on Peer Scholar
Online Learning: An Instructor’s Toolkit

Educational Technology support through CTSI

Online Office Hours (Barbara Murck)

UTM Library has created a video demonstrating how to use, and the many uses of, BLACKBOARD 9.0, the University of Toronto’s online learning management system. The university also provides extensive documentation on Blackboard and how it might best serve you and your students. Please visit the PORTALINFO site for more information.