Sustainability in the Classroom

Each year at U of T, an estimated 10 million sheets of paper are used in the printing of lecture slides, tests,
assignments, and other course materials in first- and second-year courses alone. More paper efficient courses
tread more lightly on the environment and reduce costs for both departments and students. This tip sheet
offers faculty strategies for reducing the amount of paper used in their courses.

Classroom Materials
It’s difficult to have a completely paperless classroom. However, faculty can reduce the amount of paper used
in their classrooms by:

  • printing any course materials double-sided and encouraging students to print double-sided whenever possible.
  • printing multiple lecture slides on a single page. Handouts from PowerPoint can be printed with up to 9 slides per page. Handouts from PowerPoint can be printed with up to 9 slides per page.
  • creating a Blackboard site for your course and posting all class documents to it. Use the Announcement tool in Blackboard to notify students of new content.
  • whenever possible, allowing students to purchase an older, used edition of the textbook.

Paperless Assessment
The Blackboard Learning Management System also offers tools that allow for paperless administration and
assessment of student work:

  • the Test Manager and Survey Manager tools. These tools allow you to administer short surveys,
    quizzes, and review exercises.
  • the Assignment Manager and Grade Center tools. The Assignment Manager tool allows assignments
    to be submitted and graded electronically. Grade Center offers tools for recording and calculating
    grades and, with instructor permission, allow students to view their grades online. Used in
    conjunction, these two tools allow for paperless assessment.

Further Resources