Teaching Resources

A unique mentorship program for the University of Toronto presented by CTSI and the Teaching Academy. Visit the classrooms of award winning colleagues and then engage in a post-class discussion.

Library Resources for Faculty:

Top 10 Tips for New Faculty
U of T Book Store
First Class Strategies
Developing or Re-designing a Course
Developing Course Syllabi
Developing Learning Outcomes
Working with Your TA
Academic Integrity & the Role of the Instructor
Writing a Statement of Teaching Philosophy
Turnitin: An Electronic Resource to Deter Plagiarism
Centre for Community Partnerships
Supporting Student-Faculty Interaction

CTSI Workshops
Workshops, round tables and seminars are offered throughout the year for faculty, lecturers and graduate students. These sessions cover a range of topics on teaching, learning and pedagogical issues.

Portal Training & Support
CTSI is responsible for the administration, support and training (on the St. George campus) for the Portal, the University of Toronto’s online learning management system. Documentation concerning the use Blackboard and the portal can be found at www.portalinfo.utoronto.ca. For Portal/Blackboard support, please email portal.help@utoronto.ca.

CTSI offers support in areas such as teaching dossier review, teaching strategies, working with graduate students and using educational technology. You can also book an in-class observation with a CTSI staff member. To schedule a consultation please complete this online form.

Support for Course Development and Review
CTSI has collected, or provided links to, information to assist instructors in the design and implementation of courses, including course syllabi and designing assignment.

Support for Teaching Award Nominations
CTSI staff is happy to review nomination files or assist with the compilation of teaching award dossiers for internal and external teaching awards. Please contact CTSI to speak with a staff member.

Support for Turnitin.com
Turnitin.com is an electronic resource that assists in the detection and deterrence of plagiarism.

Support for Classroom Response Systems (Clickers)
CTSI has produced a document on Using Classroom Response Systems PDF logo in a University of Toronto classroom.

CTSI Resource Centre
Stop by the CTSI office to browse through our on-site resources on a variety of educational development, pedagogical and assessment topics. CTSI also offers many resources online.

CTSI Newsletter
CTSI’s weekly newsletter includes special announcements, upcoming events, award nomination deadlines, training and calls for proposals. You can subscribe to CTSI: CONNECT to stay up-to-date on all teaching and learning news at the University of Toronto.

You can also follow CTSI on Twitter and read CTSI: FOCUS, a blog on teaching, learning and higher education issues.