• Academic Toolbox Renewal Initiative

    When you are thinking of using a new educational technology, do you askyourself, does the solution allow me (and my department) to take advantageof international standards for interoperability and integration, or is ita completely closed proprietary solution that can¹t connect to anythingelse in our Toolbox? When considering a new teaching tool, the tool should ideally […]

  • The Grade Center: Planning Ahead

    Saira Mall, Manager of ACT Support, CTSI Between course scheduling, assignment deadlines and mid-term exams, managing and entering grade data in the Portal’s Grade Center may be left to the last minute resulting in very late nights, usually just before grades are submitted. If you are using the Grade Center in your Portal course, my […]

  • Visual Oompf!

    Post 3: Video Killed the Faculty Star You remember the feeling from your elementary school days. That all to perfect moment when, the teacher stepped away from the chalk board, rolled out the a/v cart, hit the play button (or, gasp, fed in the film reel to the dusty projector) and retreated to the back […]

  • From our Educational Technologoy Experts:

    From Ryan Green, Educational Technology Liaison, CTSI is a recently developed website that does just what its name implies; it allows anyone to record and distribute audio as an MP3.  What makes this tool interesting is that it is done entirely through your internet browser, and does away with the need to install any […]

  • Large Classroom Teaching: a new online resource from CTSI

    We’re excited to announce that our new online learning module on Large Classroom Teaching is now available. This has been a collaborative project between CTSI staff, Teaching Academy members (winners of the President’s Teaching Award) and Tyler Blacquiere, our work-study student. One of our goals in producing this module was to bring colleagues together via […]

  • Academic Technology & Classroom Response Systems

    There has been a lot of talk lately about the use of classroom response systems (at UofT, we use iClickers) and the role they should play in higher education. They are useful tools for engagement, especially in large classes, but are some instructors relying too heavily on them? And, perhaps more importantly, are some students […]

  • The Portal’s Wiki: a Quick Guide

    The latest update to the Portal introduced a new Wiki tool.  A wiki is a collaborative tool that allows students to contribute and modify one or more pages of course related content. Members of a course can develop content on these shared pages using only a web browser.  Students can work together to create an […]