Faculty Liaison Assistants, Teaching, Learning and Technology

headshot Zhenhua Xu

Zhenhua Xu, PhD (ABD)

Zhenhua is currently wrapping up her PhD at the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto.

Her research focuses on examining the interplay of students’ emotion, motivation and self-regulation in problem-solving and complex learning with computer-mediated learning environments (CMLEs). As a researcher, she worked for a number of projects using complex statistical models to understand the critical interaction between students’ psychological orientations and external digital surroundings, as well as the determinants of students’ optimal learning in CMLEs. Zhenhua once programed a video game for children, using Sifteo Cubes to understand motivation and the notion of gamification.

Zhenhua has also worked as a teaching assistant for a number of courses at OISE and at University of Toronto Mississauga since 2015. Her research and work experience have given her wide knowledge on instruction, student engagement, learning behavior, and achievement performance in a digital space.


Marko Piljevic

Marko is a casual employee with ACT, providing support for Quercus and various academic technologies. He works with faculty and staff to solve issues and concerns that arise over the course of online instruction. Additionally, Marko helps with developing documentation and resources for university wide use and education regarding Quercus and the tools contained within. Marko has previously worked for the University of Toronto on the Quercus content migration, and as a freelance writer for the UTSC IT department.