Faculty Liaisons, Technology


Maryam Shafiei

Maryam Shafiei is a Faculty Liaison, Technology with the Centre for Teaching support and Innovation (CTSI). She provides support and training for faculty and staff on Quercus and related technologies in the Academic Toolbox. Maryam assists with determining the best possible solution on the use of educational technologies through testing and evaluation. She also develops instructional materials for users on the effective use of software and applications to support teaching and learning. Maryam holds a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, and has many years of experience working in special libraries, providing clients with technical support services, troubleshooting software and hardware issues, and resolving IT problems.


Marko Piljevic

Marko is a Faculty Liaison, Technology with CTSI. Marko provides support for Quercus and various academic technologies, and works with faculty, staff, and students to resolve issues and concerns that arise over the course of online instruction. He develops documentation and resources for University wide use and support regarding Quercus and the tools contained within. Marko has previously worked for the University of Toronto on the Quercus content migration, and as a freelance writer for the UTSC IT department.