Partnerships Across U of T

Celebrating CTSI’s 10th anniversary with a countdown of teaching and learning initiatives and partnerships at U of T.

As a teaching centre that serves all three campuses and reports to the Office of the Vice-Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education, CTSI is committed to creating, sustaining and enhancing partnerships across U of T. These partnerships demonstrate long-standing and continuing collaborations from CTSI’s early days and newer connections established over the past decade. Please see below for a few examples of CTSI’s partnerships:

Teaching Centres
CTSI works with divisional or departmental teaching centres to promote resources, facilitate workshops, provide support for initiatives and research, and share teaching and learning experiences and innovations of our instructors and graduate students. A more recent initiative is the University of Toronto Educational Developers’ Network that brings together centres (Centre for Teaching and Learning (UTSC), Robert Gillespie Centre for Academic Skills (UTM), Faculty of Arts & Science, and Centre for Faculty Development (Faculty of Medicine)) in a collegial space to share experiences, resources and ideas to advance teaching and learning at U of T, building on existing connections and supporting future collaborations.

Since 2010, CTSI has collaborated with University of Toronto Libraries (UTL) in the Partnering for Academic Student Success (PASS) program. Each year, two or three librarians are seconded to CTSI for one day a week. They participate in CTSI programming (both planning and delivery), helping to facilitate a number of CTSI workshops and events. CTSI staff and PASS secondees also work together to support broader University, Library, and CTSI goals and priorities. They are particularly involved in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) network, supporting faculty in their research on teaching and helping them access online resources. Annual Reports from the past years are available online.

Online Learning Services
CTSI’s Academic and Collaborative Technologies (ACT) team is supported by a partnership with Information Technology Services (ITS) and Online Learning Strategies (OLS) and we work side-by-side on a number of initiatives, including course design and accessible resources.

School of Graduate Studies
An integral part of CTSI’s work involves the Teaching Assistants’ Training Program (TATP) and their work with graduate students and TAs, The TATP offers departmental and job training for new and returning TAs and provides professional development in the form of workshops, online resources, consultations and two certificate programs. Both the TATP and CTSI work with the School of Graduate Studies to promote graduate student professional development for the students (e.g., collaborating on initiatives like the Graduate Professional Skills program) and provide resources and guidance for instructors working with graduate students (e.g., Best Practices in Graduate Student Supervision: Setting Your Students Up for Success workshop).

Re:Think is edited and produced by CTSI and promotes U of T’s teaching and learning stories. While not a typical partnership, Re:Think does demonstrate the connections across the University and the intersections of stories and experiences we share. Now in its third year of publication, it’s still going strong. Visit Re:Think to learn about: