Celebrating CTSI’s 10th anniversary with a countdown of teaching and learning initiatives and partnerships at U of T

The University of Toronto officially launched Quercus, our online academic toolbox, in Fall 2018. This was the culmination of a long process that included a year-long consultation period with the U of T community (from RFP through vendor demonstrations) then another year for roll-out and integration, and CTSI, in particular the Academic and Collaborative Technologies Support and Operations teams, was involved at every step, working with units, offices and individuals across the University to create an academic toolbox that meets the needs of our community.

From creating registration for events to designing posters, producing promotional and how-to videos, online resources, leading in-person and online training sessions, to integrating tools into the toolbox and providing support to the U of T community (educational technology professionals, faculty and administrators), CTSI and Quercus work together at every stage.