Teaching, Learning & Technology

2022-2023 Annual Report

The Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT) team, a partnership with the Academic Research and Collaborative (ARC) Technologies group, supports instructors in the use of pedagogy-driven educational technology through consultations, programming, and resource creation. Over this past year, the team has been integral to the development of CTSI’s latest self-paced programs, and in researching the potential impact of generative Artificial Intelligence on teaching at our institution, contributing to resources and programming.  

2022-2023 Highlights

Improving the Academic Toolbox administrative processes: TLT team members spearheaded a comprehensive audit of Quercus administrative access and collaborated with the Senior Manager, Academic Applications & Analytics, ARC to enhance Quercus feature testing, as well as communication with the broader educational technology community.

Expansion of our Divisional Liaison Program: This program, designed to enable improved communication and support for educational technology colleagues, was expanded to include more Divisions. With regular meetings, ongoing collaborations, and fluid communications, the Faculty Liaison Coordinator and two Faculty Liaisons, Teaching, Learning & Technology are better able to support the Divisions within enhanced knowledge of their unique contexts. The TLT team intends to include more Divisions in this program.

Captioning, transcripts, and accessible technology: Prioritizing accessibility and inclusion, the TLT team members led drop-in clinics and workshops on video captioning and transcripts and continue to support instructors creating accessible course content.

Support for all course modalities: Through consultations, tool guide updates, resource development for newly integrated tools, and workshops, the TLT team supports instructors and staff delivering courses online, in-person and in hybrid modalities. TLT team members have also enabled CTSI to provide hybrid meetings and workshops in-house.

Generative Artificial Intelligence resources: The TLT team have been leaders in researching and collecting resources on generative AI and its pedagogical implications, as well as sharing this information with our teaching and learning community.

New and improved Academic Toolbox support: Formerly a set of resources housed within Quercus, the new and improved Educational Technology resources are now indexed within the CTSI website, with Tool guides that are easily searchable and catalogued for easy referencing by faculty and divisional colleagues.

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