Alan Blizzard Award

“The Communications and Cultural Competence Website and Medical Literacy Project: A Professional Curriculum for international Medical Graduates”, Faculty of Medicine
Lynn Russell (coordinator), Leila Lax, Laura Jayne Nelles, Catherine Smith, Lorena Dobbie, Kevin Hobbs, Jacquie Jacobs, Stan Rogal, and Colette Peters

Engineering Strategies and Practice: Team Teaching a Service Learning Course for a Large Class, Faculty of Engineering
Phil Anderson, Robert Andrews, Mark Kortschot, Susan McCahan, Sandy Romas, Kim Woodhouse and Peter Weiss

Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (ILEAD) Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
Professor Doug Reeve, Professor Greg Evans, Annie Simpson, Professor Robin Sacks, Dr. David Colcleugh, Estelle Oliva-Fisher, Dr. Cindy Rottmann, Professor Alison McGuigan, Patricia Sheridan, Cecilia Konney, Deborah Peart, Kristina Minnella, Brian Tran, Amy Huynh, Nick Evans and Wayne Stark