• Using Assessment to Nurture Critical Thinking

    by Erin Macnab, Programs Coordinator, CTSI On April 19th, CTSI will present a special workshop, Using Assessment to Nurture Critical Thinking, facilitated by Garfield Gini-Newman. Garfield is a Professor in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at OISE. His research focuses on the pedagogy of critical thinking and how to embed critical thinking into […]

  • Preparing Your Teaching Dossier: Quick Tips From Our Guide

    Erin Macnab, Programs Coordinator, CTSI If you are a faculty member, instructor, or graduate student, chances are you have encountered the concept of a “teaching dossier.” Maybe you have heard the term but are not quite sure what the dossier is or why you need one, or maybe you are getting ready to develop your […]

  • Setting the Tone NOW: Engaging Students in your Course Evaluations

    By Cherie Werhun, PhD, Teaching Assessment & Course Evaluation Coordinator, CTSI Let’s be honest: Course evaluations are the last thing on an instructor’s mind in early September. Rather, this is the time when last minute course reading selections are being made, TA assignments are being worked out, and drafts of multiple versions of a course […]

  • Evaluating participation

    Evaluating student participation in tutorials or seminars can be a challenge for everyone from first time TAs to experienced instructors. Recently, I came across an interesting suggestion posted on the Student Participation/Active Learning page on the website of the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.  They offer the suggestion of providing students with the opportunity […]

  • Large Classroom Teaching: a new online resource from CTSI

    We’re excited to announce that our new online learning module on Large Classroom Teaching is now available. This has been a collaborative project between CTSI staff, Teaching Academy members (winners of the President’s Teaching Award) and Tyler Blacquiere, our work-study student. One of our goals in producing this module was to bring colleagues together via […]

  • Coming Soon – Large Classroom Teaching

    The Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation will soon launch an online module on Exploring Large Classroom Teaching. The University of Toronto’s faculty and graduate students have a fair bit of experience in this area (as you might imagine) and we have looked to them for insight and advice on this topic. We’ve divided this […]