• Multiple Choice Quizzing on Quercus

    “I hate multiple-choice tests. And tests that involve matching, fill in the blanks and all other such silliness. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of tests at all. That’s because tests tend not to be designed with genuine learning in mind. If they were, our tests would look very different. And we would […]

  • Keep Learning on Track with Outcomes in Quercus

    You’d think I’d be an expert by now. I’ve taught in different disciplines: Biology, Experiential Learning, Leadership Studies, and Education. I’ve taught different students: undergraduates, graduate students, and community college instructors. I’ve partnered with faculty to think through course design and redesign for more than 10 years. You want to refine your learning outcomes? I’ll […]

  • Quercus: Help! My students can’t access my course content

    One of the top questions received at Quercus Help at the start of the fall semester related to course content. Students would claim “My prof says she posted the material, but I can’t see it.” Or, faculty would ask “Why can’t students see what I’ve posted?” Let’s take a look at why this might be […]

  • A View on Quercus from First Year

    This fall, University of Toronto faculty and students switched to using a new learning toolbox called Quercus. As a first-year student, I don’t have much to compare the new system to, but so far, I’ve found that the system is simple to navigate. It looks very modern and clean with the different sections neatly organized […]