Spotlight: U of T Faculty Share Strategies

The following examples of instructional strategies have been used by U of T Faculty to engage their students in online course activities:

The “Teaching Moment” with Document Camera Capture – Jim Wallace (Engineering): Answers students questions using uses features of Echo360 capture software to create a mini-tutorial explaining the theory or concept in detail.

The “Question Of the Week” – Barbara Murck and Monika Havelka (UTM): Engages students in authentic learning by linking course content to students’ prior experiences, needs, interests, and motives.

The “Lecturette” for Teaching Language – Yulia Mikhailova (Arts and Science): creating very short lecture videos highlighting key learning points in Russian language spelling and grammar using a simple camera and whiteboard set up.

Course Content Presented as an Open Educational Resource – Leslie Chan and Stian Haklev (UTSC): Disseminating course material outside of the course context and modeling for the students the open knowledge practices that are discussed in the course through use of an open wiki-platform accessible to the world.