Course Overview and Introduction

PLEASE NOTE: ** indicates information that is essential to the design of all online courses.

A. Course Overview and Introduction

  • Instructor gives a thorough description of the course, as well as introduces students to the course format and to their peers.
  • Instructor uses University of Toronto portal course environment to provide clear and detailed instructions for students to begin accessing all course components, such as syllabus, online tools, course schedule, assignments, and support files. **
  • Course description includes the purpose and format of the course, as well as prerequisite knowledge and competencies, if applicable.**
  • A list of technical competencies necessary for course completion is provided; identifying and delineating the role/extent the online environment plays in the total course.**
  • Students are encouraged to introduce themselves and initiate social presence through a community building activity.
  • Instructor provides students with adequate time and notice to acquire course materials and become familiar with tools.

Note: send welcome email to the class at least one week before start, letting them know how to access course, about the course structure and invite them to access the LMS/course site.

B. Syllabus

  • Syllabus is posted in the course environment. See Syllabus Template for details of syllabus requirements (e.g. contact information, course schedule, policies, additional resources and support). **