#16: Flash Review

(Romain, 2014)

Purpose: It can sometimes be difficult to gauge the different areas that students need clarification on. This activity provides you with an opportunity as an instructor to determine different areas of the course content that are causing ‘blockages’ for students. Once the blockages have been determined, you can address them with the class.


  1. Create a list of 10-15 questions based on major themes/ideas of course content.
  2. Integrate the open-ended questions into a simple PowerPoint Presentation and set the slides to transition at a 20 (to 30) second interval.
  3. Instruct students to get into pairs and to discuss the correct answer for each question as it emerges.
  4. While the slides are progressing, circulate through the classroom and listen to the discussion that the students are having about each question. Make a note of places where they are having difficulty, where there are blockages.
  5. Back in the larger group, ask students to share the ‘answers’ and to indicate areas where they feel that they need clarification.
  6. Address the areas that they need clarification from what they have shared and/or from what you heard while you were circulating.
  7. Follow up with a list of the questions and the answers generated through the activity, as well as areas for further support and send the materials to students as an email or post them online.


Tip: This is an activity that would adapt well to any size of classroom. As the scale increases, allow for more time to complete the activity.