Dossier Consultation Request Form

All CTSI consultations will be conducted virtually until further notice. Indicate your preference for connecting – Skype, Microsoft Teams or phone – in the Description of Request comment box below.

Please note: due to intense demand for our services at this time, there may be a delay in coordinating your consultation, and it may not be possible to accommodate your preferred meeting time. For dossier reviews, we continue to require a minimum of three weeks’ notice to identify a consultation date, exchange dossier materials for review, review the dossier materials and provide feedback.

Due to a combination of high demand and limited resources, CTSI prioritizes its dossier review consultations for faculty members with continuing appointments. We are unable to provide teaching dossier consultations to instructors seeking employment.

Please consult the CTSI Dossier Guide prior to your consultation.

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  • Please note: all information collected will be kept confidential. Any details you provide will help us determine how best to support you.
  • Please indicate three (3) options for possible meeting times.
  • Please be advised that if you are requesting feedback on a draft of your dossier, we will need your draft at least 10 business days before your consultation.

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