Dossier Consultation Request Form

CTSI provides feedback on teaching dossiers prepared for the review process for appointed faculty in the tenure stream and the teaching stream. Our staff will review dossiers prepared for one of the following processes: interim review, probationary review, tenure review or continuing status review. At this time, CTSI does not provide feedback on materials prepared for job searches; this includes positions internal to U of T and external to the University.

Please Note:  Due to current demand and staffing capacity, consultation times are being booked three weeks out. Please consult the CTSI Dossier Guide prior to your consultation.

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  • Please note: all information collected will be kept confidential. Any details you provide will help us determine how best to support you.
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  • Please be advised that if you are requesting feedback on a draft of your dossier, we will need your draft at least 10 business days before your consultation.

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