Dossier Consultation Request Form

From March 17 – April 30, 2020, all CTSI consultations will be conducted virtually. Indicate your preference for connecting – Skype, Microsoft Teams or phone – in the Description of Request comment box below.

Please note: due to intense demand for our services at this time, there may be a delay in coordinating your consultation, and it may not be possible to accommodate your preferred meeting time. For dossier reviews, we continue to require a minimum of three weeks’ notice to identify a consultation date, exchange dossier materials for review, review the dossier materials and provide feedback.

Please consult the CTSI Dossier Guide prior to your consultation.

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  • Please note: all information collected will be kept confidential. Any details you provide will help us determine how best to support you.
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  • Please be advised that if you are requesting feedback on a draft of your dossier, we will need your draft at least 10 business days before your consultation.

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