Curriculum Renewal Guide

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The Curriculum Renewal Guide is intended to serve as a starting point for units interested in starting a curriculum renewal initiative, or a unit that is in the process of making curricular changes and would like guidance on a particular step. The guide outlines the principles and process for undertaking a curriculum renewal initiative. For each step in the process, readers will find a detailed description of what that step entails, along with guiding questions and suggestions for the unit to consider.

If you have questions about curriculum design and renewal, or would like support with a project, please contact Jessie Richards, Curriculum Developer, Office of the Vice-Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education, at 416-978-2751 orĀ

Graphic information of curriculum renewal: preparation for curriculum renewal, program visioning, program outcomes, curriculum mapping and analysis, planning and implementation, evaluation and assessmentTABLE of CONTENTS


Guiding Principles for Curriculum Renewal

Overview of the Curriculum Renewal Process

Preparation for Curriculum Renewal

Program Visioning

Program Outcomes

Curriculum Mapping & Analysis

Planning & Implementation

Program Assessment

Curriculum Renewal for Continuous Improvement

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This publication was prepared by Jessie Richards for the Office of the Vice-Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education with contributions from Dianne Ashbourne.

Thanks to Susan McCahan, Julian Weinrib, and Carol Rolheiser for their thoughtful feedback on various iterations of this document.