Continuity Planning Checklist

CTSI has prepared this checklist to help you plan for courses and ensure the ongoing success of your students given the cancellation of classes in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)pandemic.

Continuity Planning Checklist

  • Ensure your syllabus and further details regarding any amendments to course format are posted on Quercus.
  • Review the University of Toronto Assessment and Grading Practices Policy.
  • Set up the Gradebook in Quercus.
  • Announce any changes to course procedures and key dates.
  • Let students know how you will communicate with them to keep them updated.
  • Plan to migrate content, assignments and activities for online delivery through Quercus.
  • Consider strategies to remain “present” with your students through email announcements, video recordings, discussion forums and other communication channels as appropriate.

Ensuring Ongoing Success of My Course Using Quercus Tools

Consult the Quick Guide Continuity Planning to review educational technology tools and strategies to address various teaching and learning scenarios.

For more information about academic continuity planning, please visit the Continuity Planning landing page.