Pre-Recorded Videos

Deliver Lectures or Tutorials/ Seminars Online

A number of technological solutions are available for instructors to assist them in the delivery of lectures and tutorials including pre-recorded videos, lecture capture recordings and live-hosted sessions that can be recorded. Video recordings can be shared in Quercus (Canvas) courses for students to view.

Pre-recorded videos

How do you choose which recording method is right for you?

The Education Technology Office at the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering has developed a general guide called An Overview of Different Formats for Video Production (and their strengths/weakness) with suggestions and general advice for selecting the recording option that best suits your course. Sample videos are included for each video production type including MS PowerPoint with voice over, Tablet animation, or on-location (multi-screen) shooting with Post Production.

Contact your Divisional Educational Technology Support Representative or CTSI staff for more information prior to implementation. Please note: there may be costs associated with some of these technologies.

Review the CTSI resource called Audio and Video Recording of Lectures and Class Sessions that includes copyright considerations, privacy considerations and possible sample statement for course outlines.

Lecture capture and screen capture software

The University of Toronto licensed TechSmith Snagit as the institutional lecture recording solution to provide screen and audio recording. Resulting videos are saved locally on the computer where they were recorded and can be shared via streaming services such as U of T Libraries’ MyMedia or OneDrive in MS Office 365.

AV & Multimedia Production Services

There are a number of video services with production teams across the university. Please note: there may be costs associated with some of these service options.

Web-Option Lecturecasting (available at U of T Scarborough only)

WebOption recordings and support services are available at U of T Scarborough only. Lectures are recorded as they are delivered. These recorded lectures are then shared with students online within 24 hours of the live lecture.

Post Links to Recordings on Quercus

Recordings can be uploaded to a streaming service that generates a url. This url can be added to a Quercus course for student viewing. It is recommended that instructors pre-add links to recordings to their course. Links to recordings can be added to a Module as an External URL, or to the rich content editor on a Page that can be added to the Module. Select the Lock Until option and schedule a date to release the items for viewing. Students will be able to see the module titles and module item names, but they will not be able to access the module items until after the lock date has passed. A reminder, in order for students to view a module after the lock until date, the module must be published.

  • MyMedia
    MyMedia, also from U of T Libraries, is an archival storage and streaming solution that provides an interface for uploading a wide array of video and audio file formats and for managing and sharing your media. It can be linked to from a Quercus course. Please visit MyMedia for more information.
  • MS Stream
    Faculty and staff can use Stream to upload and share video content; students can view videos but cannot upload and share. When logged into Office365, faculty and staff will find Stream in the suite of available apps. Please visit the Stream support site for more information.
  • YouTube
    Not supported at U of T. If you would like to post your course recordings on YouTube see the Tools Beyond Quercus resource for more information.

Download the Streaming Tools Comparison Chart (PDF)