TATP Liaison Program

This program seeks to link TATP staff—all experienced graduate student TAs and accomplished teachers—with senior TAs from individual departments whose sole responsibility will be to help make the mandatory training workshop for first-contract TAs as department-specific as possible. TATP Liaisons can also help guide the planning of tutorial-specific training for returning TAs.

Make the mandatory training session for your first-contract TAs and tutorial-specific training for all your TAs as meaningful as possible by involving a senior TA in developing content for the workshop! Provide an opportunity for valuable professional development to one of your senior TAs!

We ask that you promote the opportunity to work as a TATP Liaison to senior TAs in your department; any interested senior TA should contact the TATP via the email address below. The TA will be put in touch with the appropriate TATP training team. The training team will work with your TATP Liaison to plan a training activity or activities for your department’s workshop.

TATP staff will provide all necessary resources, materials and handouts for the training session, using the department-specific information from the TATP Liaison to design the training activities. In the past, some TATP Liaisons have attended the training workshop to help facilitate questions from TAs during the session. This is at the department’s discretion. TATP staff will deliver the full training session. A TATP Liaison’s chief role is to provide guidance and feedback to TATP staff when preparing department-specific content for the training workshop.

In recognition of their efforts, TATP Liaisons receive an official letter of appreciation from TATP that can be included in their graduate dossiers, and are publicly acknowledged on the TATP website.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a volunteer position. TATP is unable to compensate TATP Liaisons. Alternative compensation is at the discretion of the hiring department.

For more information or to recommend one of your department’s senior TAs, please contact: services.ta@utoronto.ca