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A Sandbox course is a space created for an individual instructor to experiment with Quercus, the University of Toronto’s Canvas-based teaching and learning environment.
We recommend alternative hosting solutions for hosting pictures and videos due to Quercus size limitations.
The Redirect tool allows instructors and course staff to add custom links to the course navigation menu. The custom links can be created for external web resources or other Quercus pages.
Microsoft 365, available to University of Toronto faculty, students, and staff, offers a variety of tools and applications, many of which can be used to support teaching and learning goals.
Modules allow instructors to determine the order and structure (eg. by week, unit, or topic) in which the content will be released to the end-user to provide a guided learning experience.
The Gradebook is the “Grades” menu area of your Quercus course.  The gradebook helps instructors easily enter, view, and distribute grades for students. There are multiple way
Cross-listing allows Instructors to combine the enrolments from multiple sections into a single course.
Instructors can copy course content such as assignments, modules, pages, and discussions from one course into another course using the Import tool. When importing content, instructors can choose to import all content or select specific c
The Quercus Gradebook has a complete list of students who are officially enrolled in your course. Use the Export feature in the Gradebook to download a copy of the class list.
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