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Tune into Teaching Summer Series

(NB: These sessions are open to all new and returning instructors and librarians)

The Course Planning Series kicks off CTSI’s annual Tune Into Teaching summer programming that focuses on preparing for the coming academic year. Building on the Exploring Academic Resilience Workshop Series from Spring 2022 in which instructors developed an understanding of how to foster academic resilience in students through course and curriculum design, this series of hands-on interactive “clinics” takes up two of the core concepts from that series to help instructors plan a course that supports academic resilience:

  • creating space for students to process and reflect on what they are learning
  • creating a supportive course culture

Instructors need not have attended the Exploring Academic Resilience series to benefit from this series of interactive clinics, nor is it necessary for instructors to attend all three of the sessions. Through the below three clinics, instructors will:

  • begin to develop a plan for their overall course structure
  • practice using a series of key
  • considerations for lesson design to plan a key course lesson
  • adapt an existing course syllabus or design a new syllabus that incorporates elements that build community and resilience

By the end of the series, instructors will come away with a variety of strategies to enhance different elements of their course planning with an eye to more effective student support.

The Summer Tune into Teaching Series happened throughout July and August.

If you have any questions about the Tune into Teaching series, please kelly.gordon@utoronto.ca.

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