Instructor Resource: 5 Tips to Help Students

Supporting Your Online/Remote Learning

Instructors and Learning Strategists care about your transition to the University of Toronto online/remote environment and want to assist you in your learning during these challenging times. More detailed support and services are embedded in this document.

Consider your study space. How might you optimize it?

What changes has your Course Instructor made in transitioning to online/remote teaching?

  • Check in often with your course home page, discussion boards, announcements and inbox.
  • Investigate everything your Instructor has made available.
  • Ensure you’ve turned on your Quercus notifications.
  • Check if your Instructor is offering virtual office hours.

Explore the different interfaces being used in your courses (e.g. Quercus, Zoom, etc.)

  • If you can, try out connections in advance of lectures and meetings.
  • To find help.

Stay on track with both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (recorded) lectures

  • Try adhering to your previous schedule and include routine and mini-deadlines for times to complete coursework.
  • Use the video lecture control features that are available to suit your learning preferences (e.g., pause, repeat, forward/progress).
  • Utilize your existing time management and planning system. Consider using the Quercus calendar, including tasks and reminders.

You will benefit from interacting with people in your classes

  • Find out how to ask questions (e.g., raise your hand virtually, use the chat function, etc.).
  • You might encourage your Instructor to open a discussion on Quercus that students can join.
  • Quercus Groups: If you have been placed into a group for your course, you can communicate with your peers from inside your Group space using Discussions, Announcements, and Pages. To learn more: Group Tool: Student View.
  • Seek help: instructors are interested in hearing from you. You’re likely not the only student with a question.

Resources to further support your learning

Student Life

  • Learning Strategist 1:1 appointments. Login to CLNx (then Appointments/Academic Success).
    • Or check with your Arts and Science college or professional faculty for appointments.
    • UTSC
    • UTM
  • Themed Discussions on learning skills: group chats facilitated by a Learning Strategist. Students’ questions drive the agenda. Login to CLNx (then Events and Workshops (St. George)/Academic Success).
  • Graduate Writing Groups are running virtually. Register at Full details can be found online.
  • For recent changes in Student Life services (e.g., Academic Success, Health and Wellness)
  • Visit Accessibility Services:
    St. George

For assignments and essays

Feeling distress

Teaching Assistants' Training Program

For information on graduate student and Teaching Assistant professional development and job training, please visit the TATP for resources, events and more.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Enroll in the SoTL Hub to access resources, share ideas and engage with your U of T community.

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