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The Rich Content editor Icon Maker allows instructors to create simple icons for their courses.
U of T faculty members reflect on their experiences creating assessment in an online teaching environment. Resources can be found at the bottom of the page. Safieh Moghaddam, Assistant Professor, T ...
Captioning videos is important for accessibility reasons as well as Universal Design for Learning principles. There are various methods to auto-generate ...
TopHat is a Student Response System that can add engagement to a class.
Supporting Your Online/Remote Learning Instructors and Learning Strategists care about your transition to the University of Toronto online/remote environment and want to assist you in your learning during these challenging times ...
Resilient course design is a framework for understanding how to design courses that account for variability in conditions. A resilient course design can reduce workload later in the term by preemptively putting in place processes for han ...
WileyPLUS is an optional integration in Quercus that provides direct single sign-on access to WileyPLUS online content.
The Canvas Teacher mobile app allows instructors and course staff to access course content and receive course communications on a mobile device. The Canvas Student mobile app allows instructors and students to conveniently access
MasteryPaths in an option that can be enabled in Quercus. It allows instructors to customize or differentiate learning based on student performance. Instructors identify different activities for each learning path to help students in tha
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