Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

What is SoTL?

[SoTL] is a kind of going meta in which faculty frame and systematically investigate questions related to student learning – the conditions under which it occurs, what it looks like, how to deepen it and so forth – and do so with an eye not only to improve their own classrooms but to advancing practice beyond it.” (Hutchings & Shulman 1999)

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) generally entails the study of student learning and the public sharing of these investigations. Many faculty take a scholarly approach to teaching such as reading the higher education pedagogical literature, reviewing and making changes to teaching based on course evaluation data, or attending teaching-related professional development workshops.

Two people stand talking in front of a research poster
Nicole Laliberte and the Indigenous Action Group at the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation

U of T SoTL Showcase

Project: Community-engaged Learning (CEL): Integrating Anthropological Discourse. The project focused on the course Anthropology and Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island in Canada (ANT241).

Goals: Guided by ​the Indigenous Action Group at UTM, this project integrated Indigenous methodologies ​at each stage. Answering the Call, Wecheehetowin​: The entire community bears a responsibility for action, but Indigenous people must be at the centre of decision-making, with full agency and not as people being acted upon (UofT Steering Committee, 2016, p. 31).

Data collection: Existing course materials; pre and post surveys; interviews with students.

Results: In-progress

View our webinar, “Qualitative Methods in SoTL Research” (enrol in the Hub for access) to learn more about this project.

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