Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation

130 St. George Street, Robarts Library, 4th floor

About CTSI at U of T

The Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI) is a hub for teaching and learning at the University of Toronto. We serve instructors, graduate students and teaching assistants (through the Teaching Assistant’s Training Program – TATP), on all three campuses, providing leadership and support on all teaching related and student engagement issues. Visit the About CTSI page to learn more about our services and expertise and how we support U of T instructors and staff with teaching and learning related issues. At CTSI, teaching matters.

Graduate student and teaching assistants should visit tatp.utoronto.ca for information on programming, training and teaching resources.


Students and faculty can nominate a TA making a difference in the undergraduate classroom.

Departments can nominate a graduate student Course Instructor teaching undergraduates.

Nominations close on February 25, 2019.



Visit rethink.utoronto.ca to read about University of Toronto teaching and learning stories.



CTSI: Focus Insights into Teaching & Learning at U of T