Creating an Equitable Classroom

These informal roundtables offer faculty an opportunity to engage in small group learning about how to create equitable classrooms through reflection and sharing idea. Each session is facilitated by a guest a speaker and participants will have the opportunity to workshop and explore ideas together. 

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Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Faculty Mentoring for Teaching

P2P is a faculty mentoring for teaching program that involves a cohort of paired colleagues who have similar teaching goals and interests, collaborating in a reciprocal 1-1 partnership through structured, facilitated workshops to improve the quality of their course, and the student learning experience. P2P offers a supportive space for instructors to try new strategies, approaches and build confidence in their teaching. 

P2P is offered from November 3, 2023, through to May 3, 2024.

Deadline to apply: October 10, 2023

Generative Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom

What is Generative Artificial Intelligence and what application does it have for classroom instruction & learning?

10 Things You Should Know About Generative AI

What do U of T instructors need to know about Generative AI as we head into Fall 2023? 

The Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI) provides leadership in teaching and learning at the University of Toronto and provides support for pedagogy and pedagogy-driven instructional technology for all teaching staff and teaching assistants (primarily through the Teaching Assistant’s Training Program) across the university’s campuses and divisions.


Explore the various ways you can get involved and seek support from CTSI for your teaching. Visit What We Offer and Resources for a more comprehensive list of offerings.

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