2022-23 Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Faculty Mentoring for Teaching at U of T


DEADLINE TO APPLY: November 1, 2022 (see form below)

What is P2P?

P2P is a faculty mentoring for teaching program hosted by the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI) that involves a cohort of paired colleagues who have similar teaching goals and interests, collaborating in a reciprocal 1-1 partnership through structured, facilitated workshops to improve the quality of their course, and the student learning experience. P2P offers a supportive space for instructors to try new strategies, approaches and build confidence in their teaching.

Two faculty members working at a table together

P2P is open to all instructors teaching a U of T course during Winter 2023. This includes faculty with continuing appointments, contract instructors (e.g., CLTAs), and sessional instructors.

Note: Graduate student Course Instructors should visit the Teaching Assistants’ Training Program (TATP) for alternative professional development opportunities.

P2P will launch in December 2022 and end in May 2023.

Here are the dates for the mandatory CTSI-facilitated sessions:

  • December 8, 2022, 1-3 pm (in-person Program Launch)
  • January 27, 2023, 1-2:30 pm *
  • March 30, 2023, 10am – 11:30am*
  • May 5, 2023, 1-2:30 pm*

*Workshop modalities will be discussed at the Program Launch session

  • to work with a peer in a supportive and collegial partnership to enhance one’s teaching going forward.
  • to increase reflection on one’s teaching and gain a better understanding of students’ learning needs
  • to build leadership capacity and mentoring opportunities for instructors at U of T whereby methods and approaches that support effective teaching can be shared
  • to provide a structured framework for ongoing improvement of a [course] and learning practice with input, assistance and guidance from CTSI and cohort peers (adapted from PATS Guide, 2011: 2)
  • to improve the quality of a course and student learning experiences within that course through a focus on quality teaching and through analysis of student course feedback.
  • P2P draws on U of T- specific findings from the CTSI Report and employs a dyadic peer assisted teaching partnership model, combined with a network model; to further clarify, the model CTSI uses does not necessarily pair junior/less experienced instructors with senior/experienced instructors – both partners in the mentoring relationship are expected to have meaningful teaching experience in order to be able to contribute equitably to the mentoring partnership
  • the co-mentoring approach allows for both instructors to participate in peer observation of teaching, review course feedback (e.g., course evaluations/formative, mid-course feedback), and establish teaching-related goals
  • during the program you will receive materials and resources to support your teaching and upon completion of the program CTSI will provide a letter of recognition for your participation.
  • Over 6 months, the P2P process provides the opportunity to engage in the following activities:
    • attend four CTSI-facilitated meetings/workshops, (pre, during, and post semester)
    • conduct a peer observation of teaching
    • collect mid-course and formative feedback from students
    • engage in regular conversations with your partner
  • Meet regularly with mentoring partner (Note: the average P2P meeting schedule is bi-weekly)
    • to attend the four CTSI-facilitated workshops listed above

A maximum of 30 participants (15 pairs) to ensure all program sessions allow a space for reflection and opportunities to interact with other participants and CTSI facilitator.

Applicants will be carefully reviewed according to several criteria (including campus, class size, teaching position, years of teaching experience, stated teaching goals, discipline, etc.). Please note: every effort will be made to match all eligible applicants, but it may be that not all applicants will be able to be matched.

2022-23 P2P Mentoring Program Submission Form

DEADLINE TO APPLY: November 1, 2022
I am teaching a Winter 2023 course (Note: you must be teaching in Winter 2023 to participate in the P2P Program)(Required)
Teaching Appointment(Required)
*Contractually-limited term appointment

Section Two: Please respond to the following questions keeping in mind a Winter 2023 course you want to focus on for the P2P Program

Primary Teaching Context for Winter 2023(Required)
Primary Size of Classes to be Taught in Winter 2023(Required)
Primary Modality of Courses to be Taught in Winter 2023(Required)

Section Three: Main Goals/Interest in Participating in this P2P Mentoring for Teaching Program

The P2P Program includes four CTSI-facilitated workshops that will include structured activities addressing mentoring approaches, formative feedback, and peer observations of teaching. In addition, your peer partnership offers space to discuss a wide range of pedagogical topics. To facilitate the matching, please share teaching related qualities that you are seeking in a mentoring partner. Select three that are most important to you:(Required)
What qualities do you bring to a teaching-focused mentorship? Select three that are most important to you:(Required)
Are you currently formally matched with a teaching mentor through your Department/Division?(Required)
As a key commitment to this mentoring program, please confirm that you are able to attend the following facilitated meetings/workshops at CTSI in the Blackburn Room, 4th floor Robarts Library, 130 St. George Street.(Required)
*Workshop modalities for the rest of the term will be discussed at the Launch session. Please note that priority in selection will be given to those who are able to attend all sessions.

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