Planning and Delivering Your Courses

There are so many things to do before you step into a classroom or log on to your online course. These resources will support you through course, assignment and syllabus design. Help you develop learning outcomes, support your TA teaching team, work with a librarian for course materials and developing your students research skills. Provide easy access to U of T resources that support your teaching and engage your students.

Many tools and support resources are available to help you move your classes online, engage your students in remote learning and meet course learning objectives. Most of the activities can be implemented through Quercus. The guidance provided in this section focuses on assessing you and your students’ readiness for the move to teaching and learning in an online context.

Generative Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom

What is Generative Artificial Intelligence and what application does it have for classroom instruction & learning? Tools that leverage Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models to generate new

Resilient Course Design

Resilient course design is a framework for understanding how to design courses that account for variability in conditions. A resilient course design can reduce workload later in the term by

Considerations for Large Courses

Planning and Delivering Your Course Many of the resources on this site can support the planning and delivery of a large class, whether online or in-person. You could start by

Gathering Formative Feedback with Mid-Course Evaluations

Mid-course evaluations are generally informal, qualitative evaluations (but can include quantitative questions) created and administered by the instructor sometime near or shortly before the mid-point of the course. These evaluations

Assessing Course Development

Assessing Course Development and New Teaching Practices Assessing the success of a new course, assignment, or teaching strategy can provide valuable information for your own teaching development and for formal

Guidance for Potential Risks in Remote Teaching

This resource has been developed to help guide instructors’ preparations and decision-making when designing a course for online/remote delivery and taking into account students who may have different learning and

Quick Guide to Online Learning

See below for quick reference to key components to consider when setting up your online or remote learning environment. For more information on online learning topics and/or educational technology tools:

Past CTSI Workshop Recordings

This page contains recordings of workshops from the Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation (CTSI) and their associated resources, covering various aspects of teaching and learning, as well as Quercus

Developing or Redesigning a Course

Before beginning the process of proposing or revising a course, you should consult with your department and Division to confirm any guidelines and requirements. Developing or redesigning a course can

Online Learning at U of T

A range of resources are available for faculty involved in the design, development and teaching of digital learning components in face-to-face classes, hybrid formats or fully online courses. Support is

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