Assessing Learning

Assess: evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, or quality of.

Assessments are a crucial component of student learning. In offering students feedback and grades, we gauge their understanding of the material at hand and support their development in our courses.

Generative Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom

What is Generative Artificial Intelligence and what application does it have for classroom instruction & learning? Tools that leverage Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models to generate new

Reassessing Assessment

U of T faculty members reflect on their experiences creating assessment in an online teaching environment. Resources can be found at the bottom of the page. Safieh Moghaddam, Assistant Professor,

Letter grades in Quercus

Letter Grades A number of potential issues regarding the use of letter grades in Quercus have been identified. Problems can occur when using the Gradebook or the SpeedGrader. Attention all

Gathering Formative Feedback with Mid-Course Evaluations

Mid-course evaluations are generally informal, qualitative evaluations (but can include quantitative questions) created and administered by the instructor sometime near or shortly before the mid-point of the course. These evaluations

Assessing Course Development

Assessing Course Development and New Teaching Practices Assessing the success of a new course, assignment, or teaching strategy can provide valuable information for your own teaching development and for formal

Quick Guide to Online Learning

See below for quick reference to key components to consider when setting up your online or remote learning environment. For more information on online learning topics and/or educational technology tools:

Past CTSI Workshop Recordings

This page contains recordings of workshops from the Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation (CTSI) and their associated resources, covering various aspects of teaching and learning, as well as Quercus

Online Assessment Tools

ACT Major Projects – Update There is currently an ongoing RFx review of Online Grading Solutions for the Academic Toolbox.  Please see the Academic & Collaborative Technologies (ACT) Major Projects

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