Monitor-Side Chats: UDL-ing in Winter 2024

Discussions about practical applications and concrete strategies of Universal Design for Learning 
The average student does not exist. So, how do we design learning environments that maximize learning for all students?
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for minimizing barriers and fostering purposeful, motivated, resourceful, knowledgeable, strategic, and goal-oriented learners. UDL offers various guidelines for providing multiple means of engagement, representation, and action and expression. UDL is an iterative and reflective process and CTSI is here to help!
Join CTSI staff and U of T instructors in Winter 2024 for informal monitor-side (in-person and online) chats about implementing UDL in your teaching (i.e., UDL-ing your course). We will examine each UDL guideline and checkpoint and discuss practical strategies to help students access, build, and internalize learning.
New to UDL? Watch the 5-minute “UDL at a Glance” video created by CAST (Center for Applied Special Technology).
Universal Design for Learning graphic organizer: Engagement, Representation, Action & Expression
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