Overview of Major Teaching Awards

** University of Toronto Teaching Fellowship (UTTF)

The University of Toronto Teaching Fellowship is paused for 2022-2023. During this time the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation and the Office of the Vice-Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education, will be reviewing the UTTF model and undertaking research and consultations with the U of T community. If you would like to share feedback on the UTTF model, please email vp.iue@utoronto.ca.

Visit the Provost’s site for application information

To prepare the best possible nomination package for any award:

  • effective administrative support and nominee engagement in the process are both required
  • candidates should not be preparing their own nomination files (outside of drafting any required personal statements of teaching philosophy or educational leadership)
  • sufficient time should be allocated to:
    • identify and contact letter writers
    • draft candidate statements
    • summarize course evaluation data
    • choose appropriate sample instructional materials
    • prepare the written narrative that describes and highlights the candidate’s key accomplishments

Please submit a consultation request should you wish to discuss any internal or external teaching awards with a CTSI team member.

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