Tune into Teaching Series

Summer 2023 Workshops

Summer 2023 Tune into Teaching Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation

CTSI’s Tune into Teaching series is for instructors preparing to teach in the upcoming academic year. These sessions, open to all new and returning faculty and librarians, cover topics such as teaching with technology (e.g., Quickstart Quercus and an introduction to the Academic Toolbox), working with teaching assistant teams, active learning, and so much more.

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If you have any questions about the Tune into Teaching Series, please contact kelly.gordon@utoronto.ca.

What’s My Role in Accommodating Students with Disabilities

August 25, 10am-12pm (in-person*)

Making Your Syllabus Work for You and Your Students

August 29, 1pm-4pm (in-person)

*Note: an online webinar option will be made available for this sessions.

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