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Due to current demand and staffing capacity, consultation times are being booked three weeks out. 

If you are requesting a meeting around your teaching dossier, please consult the CTSI Dossier Guide prior to your consultation.

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The CTSI Team

  • Please provide as much relevant detail as possible (e.g. start date of course, upcoming deadlines, etc.). Please note: all information collected will be kept confidential. Any details you provide will help us determine how best to support you.
  • Dossier Requests

    If you are requesting a consultation to discuss/review a teaching dossier, please indicate the purpose for which the dossier is being prepared (check one):
    *CTSI will only provide feedback on the teaching dossier – we will not help prepare the entire award file. For institutional or external teaching awards, please contact Megan Burnett, Associate Director, CTSI at
  • Please note:

    At this time, we do not review dossiers being prepared for job application processes.
  • Please indicate three (3) options for possible meeting times. For dossier consultations, please also provide submission deadline for dossier.

    Please note: We require a minimum of three (3) weeks notice to book a dossier consultation.

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