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Carol at TA Day 2011

Please note: While CTSI operations continue, staff will be working from home and as such, the CTSI office will remain closed until further notice.


CTSI Services & Expertise (PDF)

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The Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI) provides leadership in teaching and learning at the University of Toronto and provides support for pedagogy and pedagogy-driven instructional technology for all teaching staff and teaching assistants (primarily through the Teaching Assistant’s Training Program) across the university’s campuses and divisions.

You can download a PDF version of CTSI Services & Expertise.

CTSI offers supports for members of the University community on an INDIVIDUAL, a DIVISIONAL and an INSTITUTIONAL level. As well, CTSI staff are actively engaged in a broad array of external professional organizations, networks and committees in support of teaching and learning in higher education.


Ways to stay in touch with the CTSI community:

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CTSI CONNECT: Each Monday, CTSI sends out a e-newsletter with special announcements, upcoming events, award nomination deadlines, training and calls for proposals. Sign up online.


CTSI Resource Centre: Stop by the CTSI office to browse through our on-site resources on a variety of educational development, pedagogical and assessment topics. CTSI also offers many resources online. You will find them throughout the website within the appropriate sections.