Annual Report 2022-2023

2022-2023 Annual Report

Director’s Message

Once again, we’ve had what I would consider an extraordinary year. We’ve adapted to our hybrid spaces—working and teaching both online and in-person—and continued to grow as a community as we navigated new terrain, learning from each other and with each new experience. This year we experienced the rapid pace of change with the emergence of generative AI to our classrooms and learned together through our collective response. We opened up the conversation, acknowledged concerns, and shared ideas and experiences. We talked to our students and each other. Even though things seem to move so quickly at times, I am proud of the teaching and learning community we continue to collectively nourish, and I am bolstered by knowing there are great things ahead. 

At CTSI, we spent much of 2022-2023 expanding our resources and programming with a focus on anti-racist pedagogies, equity and access. Our Teaching and Learning Symposium—Taking Action: Building Belonging at U of T—asked us to consider ways we have supported and improved inclusion, and what work still needs to be done.  

CTSI’s website is a central hub for pedagogical and educational technology resources, as well as instructor-facing teaching and learning workshops across the University. CTSI and TATP newsletters reach over 4000 community members with information on upcoming events, resources and news of interest, and ways they can connect with colleagues. As you will see from the metrics and stories in this report, CTSI team members provide guidance on a wide variety of topics and offer support for instructors seeking to improve their teaching practice. They provide operational and analytical support for Faculties and instructors using the online course evaluation framework, while also conducting research on how best to capture and utilize the data collected. And they collaborate with colleagues, offices and departments working to enhance engagement and find innovative ways to support effective, inclusive, and innovative teaching at U of T.  

Writing this message for the CTSI annual report can be difficult because it is almost impossible to note a beginning and end to our work. It is evolving.  And it might change as the world around us changes. But one constant is the dedication and commitment of our CTSI team members to our higher education community. It takes courage at times, plenty of curiosity and caring, and it shows. You can see this on display here, and it is always exciting to know that the work captured in this report is only a stepping stone for everything that comes next.

Alison Gibbs

Alison Gibbs
Professor, Teaching Stream, Statistical Sciences, FAS, and Director, Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation 

“The CTSI is a place to meet colleagues from across the university who are also engaged in teaching, to seek wisdom from experts in teaching and learning practice and scholarship, and to always find encouragement and new ideas. I see consistently taking advantage of the programs, one-on-one consultations, and workshops that they offer as something that I do to take care of myself while also moving forward in my career.”

Sarah Mayes-Tang, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, Math, FAS

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