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Note: the central course evaluation system now uses UTORid credentials for all users (Students, Instructors, Academic Administrators)

When and where to complete your course evaluations

The timing for students to complete their evaluations is set by each Division. Generally speaking, evaluations occur before the exam period and run for approximately two weeks, depending on when the course withdrawal date is. For a list of current course evaluation periods, please see Evaluation Periods.

During the course evaluation period, you can complete your evaluations by:

If you are unable to access your evaluations, please contact

Access to previous course evaluation results

It is institutional policy that course evaluation data is shared with students. Students can access data from select divisions via the Quercus course evals page.

While the default is that course evaluation data is shared with students, instructors have the right to opt-out of sharing their data. As well, the course evaluation results for courses with fewer than five responses are not shared.

Frequently asked questions about course evaluations

Student feedback is essential to the teaching and learning experience at the University of Toronto. Your fellow students rely on your feedback to make decisions about course selection. Instructors rely on your feedback to improve the learning environment for their courses. Chairs and Deans rely on your feedback to make changes to your programs and degree requirements. They also use feedback for tenure, review, and promotion decisions. Course evaluation plays a role in all important decision making at U of T.

It is institutional policy that course evaluation data is shared with students. Students can access data via the Quercus course evals page. Instructors are given the option to opt-out of sharing their data, though most choose to share.

There are two ways to access your course evaluations.

  1. Via the personalized email link that you’ll receive from
  2. Via Quercus. Log-in to Quercus and access the Course Evals page. All of your active course evaluation tasks will be displayed in the Complete Your Evaluations section.

Yes! You can complete your evaluations conveniently on any mobile device such as a tablet or phone.

The scheduling of evaluation periods is based on institutional guidelines and sessional dates within your Faculty. Evaluations typically begin after the deadline to cancel courses, and close before the official final exam period for a given Faculty. Some Faculties do not have an official final exam period. Other Faculties, like Arts & Science, have some courses that hold end-of-term tests during the regular class period. These tests occur before the official final exam period and as such, course evaluations may be administered during this time.

Where possible, students are given a minimum of two weeks (14 days) to complete their evaluations.

Students have informed us that reminder emails are helpful in reminding them to complete their evaluations. Reminder emails are automatically sent from the system every few days to students who have not yet submitted their evaluations. This includes evaluations that are ‘in progress’. If you have received a reminder email pertaining to a course that you are not enrolled in, please contact us at

Students who are enrolled in courses that occur during two or more evaluation periods will receive different sets of email reminders for each distinct evaluation period.

Yes! Each evaluation form contains 8 core items that are administered for every course at U of T. Beyond that, each Faculty and each Department can customize the evaluation form as it pertains to their disciplines. Beyond that, instructors have the option to customize the form by adding items that will provide them with additional information about your learning experiences in their courses.

This could be due to a number of factors. First, keep in mind that not every Faculty is part of the Course Evaluation System as of yet. If your course is part of a Faculty that uses the new system but you don’t see your course, it is possible that the course was excluded from evaluation. Some courses, like reading & research or independent study courses are not usually included because of their unique teaching structure. If you’re still concerned that a course is missing from your evaluation tasks and you think it should be included, please contact us at The sooner you contact us, the sooner we’re able to help!

Blue administers evaluations based on course and instructor information that is extracted from ROSI. If you don’t recognize one of the courses, check your ROSI account to make sure your course list is accurate. If the course isn’t showing up in ROSI, please contact our office

The Course Evaluation System requires some of your basic identifying information so that the system can determine which courses require your feedback. We use ROSI enrolment information to link you to your courses, and we use your email address to communicate about course evaluations with you. However, course evaluations reports do not include any student identifying information and the data is aggregated to reflect group scores.

No. The timing of evaluations is set in accordance with University policies, and we are unable to make exceptions for those who have missed the opportunity to submit feedback. Students are given at least a week or more to complete their evaluations, and are sent reminders over the course of the evaluation period.

Please Note

Feedback on course evaluations should be focused on teaching practices and the learning experience. We encourage students to visit the Student Mental Health Resource website or reach out to one of the offices listed on our Student Resources page for more information on available supports if you have other concerns. 


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