Engaging Your Students

Whether in-person, online, in the field or a part of experiential learning, engaging with our students improves the teaching and learning experience for all involved.

Course Design

The following resources and strategies support instructors as they prepare courses for the in-person or online environment. If you would like to meet with a CTSI staff member to discuss

Active Verbs for Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy

The information below provides definitions and attributes for each of the six levels of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, along with Active Verbs that should be used when developing learning outcomes. (Adapted

Seven Key Areas for TA Development

NOTE: Duties and responsibilities that must be reflected on the DDAH form are marked by * Roles and Responsibilities Review with your course TAs the key learning objectives of the

Working with Your TAs

The University of Toronto employs thousands of graduate students (PhD and MA-level students), and some undergraduate students, to support teaching staff with undergraduate level courses. Teaching Assistants (TAs) conduct tutorials

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The University welcomes and includes students, staff, and faculty from a wide range of backgrounds, cultural traditions, and spiritual beliefs and is committed to equity, human rights and respect for

Universal Design for Learning

Several models of Universal Design are currently used in Higher Education. In CTSI, we promote the use of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a framework that allows for multiple means

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